Friday, 18 May 2012

'The Visitor' by Sue Barnard

“The spawn of the unicorn carries the secret of the mermaid…”
The voice took me completely by surprise.  I turned and peered at the speaker, but rather than addressing me, he appeared to be staring intently at the apple tree.
“Er – excuse me, but do you always begin conversations like this?”
He turned to face me.  His eyes (all three of them) were a curious shade of yellowish-green.  He stepped forward and raised his middle arm in a gesture of greeting.
“Your friend here does not seem to understand my message.”
“What?  Oh, don’t mind him.  He won’t have heard you.  He’s as deaf as a post.”
“No matter.  My time here is short.  I must warn you…”
“Oh yes?”  I thought it best to humour him, whatever he was.
“You must beware of the one who calls herself Miranda Forbes.  She is not what she appears to be.  If she approaches you, do not trust her..”
Never heard of her, I thought.  “Thank you”, I answered aloud – but the speaker had vanished, leaving only a patch of flattened and scorched grass.
I went indoors to make a cup of tea.  Before the kettle had boiled, the doorbell rang.
“Good afternoon,” said the figure in black. “I am your new vicar.  My name is Miranda Forbes.”
Her shining yellowish-green eyes flashed…

(Prompt: The devil has shining eyes)

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