Saturday, 21 June 2014

Follow me into the Orchard by Sue Le Mesurier

There was no piper, pied, Hamelin, or otherwise calling me forward.

But childlike, I was bewitched and found myself following multicolored floating bubbles of water and light.

Balls of magic, flying high, in their hundreds, perhaps thousands, circling me and enticing me down the country lane.

The flute played silently, masquerading as Alice in Wonderland. I was entranced and found myself caught up in this mystery of light on light.

The gentle breeze caught the sparkling stream moving both the bubbles and me forward.

A tall hedgerow blocked my view of the other side but turning the corner I momentarily stopped, it was a moment of total bliss.

 I found myself in a beautiful manicured orchard with hundreds of children blowing bubbles and full of laughter and fun.

Bubbles of all colours of the rainbow were everywhere, in our hair, in the flowers, in the trees.

As the bubbles freely danced so did the children, their crystal balls of water and soap transformed and floating so so high. All our hopes and dreams at that moment were reflected in these precious jewels of light in the sky.

Some things cannot be made in China.

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