Saturday, 27 June 2015

Unsynchronised by Ciara O'Connor

It was always the same: I'd join a club. Tom would wait one, two weeks at the most and then he'd join too.

I'd just be finding my stride in athletics when he'd whizz past me on the track.

'Running is awesome!' he'd pant, hands resting on his taut thighs.

I'd be getting the hang of karate, tying my belt tight and reading over the rules when there'd be a gold medal round his neck at his first ever tournament.

'Karate's the best!' he'd grin.

I'd be half way through a golf lesson when I'd spot him up at the club house bar, celebrating a hole in one.

So I've joined synchronised swimming and so far, there's been no sign of Tom.

I don't think I'd even notice if he DID join. I'm too busy under the water, making sure that my legs are perfectly in sync with everyone else's.

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