Wednesday 11 April 2012

Welcome to The Write-In

Welcome to The Write-In. This is the blog for the first National Flash-Fiction Day's mass-writing event taking place between 11.00-15.00 BST on Wednesday 16th May.

The idea is to get as many stories written in that time as possible, and posted to this blog. It doesn't matter where you are in the world, we want you to take part.

A physical Write-In will be taking place for the staff and students of Winchester University. We've booked a room and some laptops, and we're going to write out around 400 different story prompts and put them in a bucket for people to drop in and choose. But at 11.00am on the day we will also be unveiling the 'Prompts' page here on the blog, containing the very same prompts for you to write from.

If you would like to hold a similar physical write-in with a bunch of you in a place, doing the writing and sending over the stories, that would be fantastic. Get in touch via and we'll tell the world about your event.

If you want to take part online, come back after 11.00am on the day, find a prompt, write a story, and send it to We will post ALL of the stories sent to us within the 4 hour window, so don't hold back, send us your story and become a part of this international writing event!