Friday, 18 May 2012

'Other Uses' by Davis W

When I felt the bullet enter my heart….
….I wondered what on Earth the wife was doing with that toy of hers.

' “Do The Hustle” ' by Davis W

“Come on then, everybody on your feet and pair up!”
“Look, this is a retirement home. Doris over there can’t even stand.”
“So there isn’t going to be a hustle?”
“In that case, hand over your wallets.”

'Earrings' by Davis W

They say a lot about the person wearing them.
“Check mine out,” said Jess, proudly presenting the silver studs that her mother had stolen for her.
“Boring!” Sophie exclaimed, “Look at mine!” She pulled back blonde hair to reveal dangly ornaments that looked like splintered sunlight.
“That’s nothing,” a passing stranger said. The black swastikas hanging from his lobes were clearly discernible against the white of his bald head.

'The Girl With The Dragon Toga' by Davis W

She hated being likened to her sister. And besides, she’d got her own story.
Some people said the girl with the dragon toga had made her toga from the scales of real dragons.
The girl with the dragon toga was amused by those superstitions.
Human skin was much easier to acquire.

'The Smell Of Old Books' by Antosh W

 Really adds a sentimental quality to the fumes of an open, living room fire.

'Spare Cheese' by Davis W

“Can you spare any cheese?” she begged to passers –by.
“Why cheese?” some of them asked in return. Then they registered why, and moved on.
“Can you spare any cheese?” she requested of men and women and children.
“Stay away from the crazy cheese lady,” the parents warned their little ones.
“Can you spare any cheese?” she enquired to the cows and their farmers.
“Why should we give you our milk for cheese?” asked the cows.
“I’m French,” she replied, “and need something to go with this wine.”