Wednesday, 16 May 2012

The Day The World Ended by Ian Paternoster.

            I couldn't believe what was happening sat there waiting for the show to begin, I had arrived early to get the best seat, paying top price. Still the curtain hadn't gone up, and a strange feeling was over powering me from within, I looked around and found it strange that there were no other people. Mind you at least I wouldn't have to put up people using their mobile phones during the performance, but surely I couldn't be the only one here. I found it strange as walked in and no usher to check my ticket, however I was sat in the designated seat number that was on my ticket.
            What was going on, it was now well past the time that the curtain was to rise. Perhaps one of the cast was ill and that was the reason for the delay, yet no announcement came so I sat there patiently waiting, there was no way I was going to miss this chance. I anxiously looked around me, that strange feeling was still there inside me, however I continued to wait.
            Eventually I had to get up, something was wrong and I should investigate it. Timorously I made my way back to the foyer, nobody stopped me for no one was around, the nearer I got the strange feeling overtook me. What was wrong? As I approached the foyer I noticed a body trapped in the half open exit. As glanced outside all was brilliantly white like a bright spotlight pointed at the building.
            I drew nearer and realized I was now gasping for breath; my breathing was getting more difficult as though I was suffocating. I wasn't going to make the door, and as my last breath was consumed a thought struggled to the surface, 'what a waste of money I had paid for my ticket.'