Friday, 18 May 2012

'Dr. Kerr and the Flashnificents' by Chris W

Between two rocks in a faraway land you will find his lair. Travel a mile beneath the surface and you will uncover his laboratory. It is here that Doctor Kerr performs his twisted experiments. It is here that they will be born.
“Throw the switch Leopold!” The mad scientist screams at his assistant. Two years of work. Two years of preparing his subjects. Two years of picking through hundreds of pupils. Now they were ready. Now the seven are ready to awake. The lightning strikes the electrodes and 1.81 gigawatts travel through all seven. Slowly they begin to stir. The covers are taken away.
“All that lightning… What a shocking turn of events” The smallest of the seven says. Oh no, how could this go wrong?
“It’s all a bit spacey wacey in here isn’t it?” The northern one blurts out. My subjects… my beautiful subjects…
Slowly the oldest, the gritty, the abstract, the female and the realist rouse. The seven are born. The seven are wrong. I have created monsters.

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