Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Enemies of Freedom by Sarah Mulheron

The confinement was hard but she knew that it was part of the process, they’d told her as much when they carted her into the room drugging her so that she couldn’t complain.

Her blurred eyes focused on a spot of light which gleamed through a crack in the patched, frayed curtains. It was the most that she’d seen for days.

A little hope in her time of darkness.

            If only they would let her explain. She couldn’t help what happened, it came out of nowhere, caught her off guard. She didn’t need to be here really. In a room too clean for it’s own good. The walls were white, the sheets white, everything around her was sterile.

That’s what they wanted for her to. To cleanse her, make her normal.

White Coats stepped through the door, prodding and poking. Slipping a needle into her arm she once again faded.

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