Friday, 18 May 2012

'Face of Jesus Found in Sock' by Davis W

“Hello and welcome to BBC Breakfast. On the sofa with us today we have Miss Pat Mcgroin, of Southend. Good morning, Pat.”
“Morning Bill, Sian.”
“So, Pat, tell us about the sock.”
“Well, there I was doing my ironing, when I saw something on one of my socks. I looked, and there was a face staring at me.”
“The face of Jesus.”
“Yes, Sian, His face. Granted, with the wool of the sock he looked a little like one of the Muppets, but it was Him. And he spoke to me.”
“He spoke to you? What did He say?”
“Well, Bill, he told me about all the injustice in the world. And then He told me that I was His prophet and that I would act out His will on Earth.”
“Well, that is something, isn’t it Sian?”
“Indeed it is Bill. Do you have the sock with you, Pat?”
“I do, Sian. Here it is.”
“Erm, Miss Mcgroin, I hate to point this out, but….that’s just a sock puppet.”
“No it isn’t,” said the sock.

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