Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Let the Write-in Begin!

Welcome, friend. Come in, sit down, can we pass you a glass of something foaming, or maybe a mug of something warm?

Gather yourself by the fire. Here, have this pen, this notebook. We are here to write, I assume you mean to join us. Never fear, inspiration is never far away. We have over 200 little nudges to help you along, all listed below. Choose whichsoe'er ignites your brain, and let it flash upon the page or screen.

And then, when you have written, send your story through the ether to and we shall add it to the scroll of stories unfolding on this National Day of Fictions-Flash. But be warned, you only have until three of the clock on this British summer's day. So be swift and bold.

Here, brave writer, are your prompts:

The Day The World Ended
Kill Your Own
Soft Voices
A Tentative Tangling of Tendrils
Help The Poor, Buy Shit
Letter from a Pre-med
Gun Control
Bug Fights
Pissing In The Wind
Vice President In Charge of Volcanoes
Secret Agent X-9
Personal Hygiene
The Jumping off place
Fear Of Success
Merry Christmas
Experimentation, Addiction, Control
Back To Kindergarten
Easy Monthly Repayments
The Girl Pool
The Most Valuable Commodity on Earth
Leaf Blower
No More Mud
The Last Batch Of Brownies
Nice Earring Fucktard
What God is
Men from Mars
Internal Bleeding
Wear The Mask
Only Sleeping
Where Were You?
Another Breed
3/4 Timing
Dynamite Money
Stop Motion Animation
An Ungrateful Man
The Classics
Hobby Shop
Spare cheese
Hot Cops 4: Making Bail
Bicycles for Afghanistan
Just say yes
The Demonstrator
Communist Sympathizers
The Amazing Onion
Why Americans Are Hated
Nicotine Nick
Dynamic Tension
Face of Jesus found in sock
A Nice Midget
Time crouch
No Pain
Cocaine pancakes
Communists, Nazis, Royalists, Parachutists and Draught Dodgers
No cake for racists
Never Index Your Own Book
Pretzel dreams
The Queasy Dream
Moose kebab
Tyranny With A Difference
Agatha Ravenfarm
Fasten Your Seat Belts
Smells like a good idea
Reverent and Free
Second-hand doughnuts
Peace and Plenty
One tickle away from a sex crime
The Strongest Thing There Is
Otter pilgrim
A Big Mosaic
Do the hustle
The Happiness Of Being An American
Black Death
Cat's Cradle
Welcome to sheeptown
Bond’s secret
Everything Is Meaningless
Decisions, decisions
Ring Of Steel
My to do list
The Waterfall Strainers
My favourite time of day
A Break Even Point
Two Little Jugs
Born this way
Why Frank Couldn't Be President
Born in the U.S.A.
Only One Catch
Hand twin
“Good friends or lesbians?”
The Highest Mountain
Do you know?
I See The Hook
Lies and other lives
Bell, Book and Chicken in a Hat Box
The Stinking Christian
Dragon toga
Last Rites
Light bulb
Like My Predecessors
Nothing but a hound dog
Enemies Of Freedom
Farmer John
A Medical Opinion On The Effects Of A Writer's Strike
Be the change
Blue sky thinking
Feast You Eyes!
Outside the box
The Fourteenth Book
Time Out
Troll 3D
Back to the near-future
When I Felt The Bullet Enter My Heart
Don’t have a cow, man
As It Happened
Throwing shapes
To Whom It May Concern
The devil has shining eyes
I Am Slow To Answer
Sky’s the limit
Frank's Ant Farm
Nice trilby
The Tasmanians
How I Met Your Mother
Soft Pipes, Play On
The end
Tearing Up Contracts
In the beginning
My Relationship With Electronics
Cake hunter
Blood On The Easel
Electronic Music
Wonderful phrase
Takeaway Food
Being human
Sleeping In The Afternoon
Unexpected Sex
The smell of old books
When Drunk I Feel...
The smell of fresh cut grass
If I Had A Tattoo It Would Be...
The smell of salt-sea rime
Attack! Attack! Defend! Defend!
The smell of warm bread
8-Bit Video Games
A cherry twist
Same Sex Kissing
Bubbles up your nose
Intravenous Drug Use
Sand scrunching between toes
Spending Time With The Family
The pit of your stomach drops out
Vandalising Phone Boxes
The magpies chatter like gunfire
Late Night Walk Home
A car engine chokes
If I Made My Own Religion
The clock stops ticking
Drinking On The Towpath
Floor dusted with flour
Fighting Dogs
Let Them Down Gently
Liquor burning in the throat
This Sun Is Not Our Friend
The first kiss
Taste of medicine
Happy Ending(S)
Nervous Tick
Start Again
Blank Pages

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