Wednesday, 16 May 2012


          Recently there  has been a suggestion made that there should be a writing strike all over the civilised world.  Writers everywhere feel that their work is not appreciated, so a withdrawal of their labour is now being planned.

          This action will have serious psychological effects.   Compulsive readers will be devastated when there is nothing anywhere for them to read.  They will go into a panic, when they realise that they’re going to have think some original thoughts.  This panic will manifest itself in wide staring eyes, beads of sweat on their foreheads and parched mouths.

They will be unable to settle down to any work, they won’t want to eat and they’ll be unable to sleep. 

          This psycho-symptomatic illness will drive them in their dozens to consult their G.P.s.  The G.P.s. will then also start panicking – how are they going to help these stricken patients?

And, don’t forget, many of these doctors may also be compulsive readers.

          Government action will now have to be taken and a State Declaration immediately brought into force.   This will compel everyone to immediately approach their nearest writers, to tell them that they have always enjoyed reading the work of the writers, and to assure them that their writing will never be taken for granted again.

          In addition the last day of each month will be declared National Appreciation of Writers Day  On this day all writers will be pampered in whatever way they wish, thus ensuring that they know they will always be wanted to help to keep the World turning.


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