Wednesday, 16 May 2012

The Pit of Your Stomach Drops Out by Great Central Dental

It had now started stinging, she looked down at her finger and could see the red raw of underlying dermis just below the nail bed where she had been biting for the last ten minutes. She took another deep breath and tried to slowly release it but she could hear it come out rather shakily. I hate that song she thought as it played out tinny across the waiting room. She glanced around her acutely aware of her heart beating in her throat which was getting drier by the minute. The butterflies were now intensifying becoming huge moths in her mind, flapping their ugly grey wings in her tummy. She felt sick and panicked even more at thought of spewing her guts out into the middle of the waiting room floor in front of all these strangers, all looking equally nervous. If only she had looked after her teeth better.

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