Wednesday, 16 May 2012

THE SUN SHINES FOR ALICE By Maggs Payne (Burton Monday Writers)

Alice loves the sun she always plans our summer holidays. Invariably the sun shines.  Today’s journey she has planned meticulously.  This time I’m not going with her and I’m reluctant to let her go.  I am used to sleeping next to Alice; the nights without her will be empty.

            When we were first married the nearness and newness of Alice was wonderful.  After the children were born our relationship settled into a comfortable pattern.  The children were independent when we renewed our vows, promises of forever echo in my mind.  When the grandchildren came along we were truly blessed.

Painstakingly, Alice has planned today’s order of events.  As we sing the last hymn, I watch the curtain obscure the coffin and Alice begins her final journey.

Outside the July brightness is stark against my grief. Yet, I know the sun shines for Alice.

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