Wednesday, 16 May 2012

The Taxi Ride by D. Braganza

“Thanks for picking me up so quickly in this blasted rain, my luck's finally changing.”
“Well you caught me at just the right time, I was clocking off, when my controller at the cab company radioed this job in, said it was on my way home. After I drop you off, then I'm done for the night”
“The life of a Taxi Driver Hey?”
“Yes in deed, long and unsociable hours”
“Unsociable …. Wanna talk about unsociable, our new neighbours just moved in next door, … not had a moment's peace since they arrived, endless banging from the builders… in fact it's their fault I'm even in this cab, their builder left his van in-front of our driveway, blocked me in whilst they buggered off in the other van some place.”
“Sounds like a right bunch of tossers?”
“Well the wife is a bit of alright, never met the husband though”
“How come you've never met him?”
“I think he's away in the military, my Mrs said something about Sailors, …sailing,.. something like that, wasn't paying attention”
“Me and my wife are the same.... So when the Builders blocked you in, didn't you try ringing next door's bell?”
“Haha, yeah … “
“What's that smirk for?”
“Can't say”
“Ahh come on... a minute ago you looked like something the cat dragged in … now you got a massive smile on your face …. Come on just the two of us in this cab .. by the way you did say you lived by the Clock Tower?”
“Well just after the Tower, but I'll direct you when we get closer”
“OK, .. so come on … spill the beans”
“Alright then but just between the two of us? … well I was getting late for work, waited almost an hour for those buggers to return and move their van, then went next door to try and get the number of their head office .. anyways only the wife was at home and lets just say she's couldn't apologise enough”
“What do you mean?”
“Well,.. She apologised at the door step, ...apologised on the staircase, apologised on the kitchen table, apologised 69 different ways if you know what I mean”
“You lucky bugger”
“Not just that but she's an accountant, told me to get a Cab to work and back and she'd sort out the expenses, just need to get a receipt”
“You lucky devil, and with her husband being in the navy he aint gonna find out any-time soon … we're by the clock tower”
“Great, just turn left”
“In Harper Lane?”
“Yeah, it's a new road, that's why I just say the Clock Tower cos no one else knows the name, just by the 3rd lamp post will be fine”
“3rd Post? … Number 42?”
“Yeah on, but could you know my house number?”
“Cos my name's John & here's your receipt for £11 from 'Taylors' Taxis…... and by the way I live at Number 44”

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  1. What a great little story and nice twist at the end, well done!