Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Welcome to Sheeptown by Ian Hawley

My problem wasn’t that the town was called `Sheeptown`, or even that
some billionaire had decided to give all the sheep houses to live in
instead of the normal fields and meadows they would have normally got,
it wasn’t even the fact that all the people who used to live here had
been paid off to move away, my problem was worse than that, and much
I knew it was a duff job when I accepted it, but he was offering such
a payment that I would have been daft to refuse it, a simple one day
job at most that would have netted me half a year’s wage. That was
seven months ago now, seven damn months.
I wish I hadn’t signed the agreement contract before I’d thought about
what was being asked of me, but now, with the tie in clause I’m stuck
here until I get it right.
I might as well have another go, I’ve had a good sleep and I’m
energised with red bull and coffee now. Fingers crossed I will get it
done, fingers crossed today is the day I get to leave this god
forsaken place.
Today I will complete my simple contract, today I will not fall asleep
half way through.
You see,
I was hired to make the population sign for the town,
and that, involves counting them.

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