Sunday, 16 June 2019

Write-In 2019: 'Fill Your Boots' by Dettra Rose

Dear Broken Heart,

Drink vodka. Drop onto the sofa. Tear down the soft sound of hope. Play the song that speaks out your sorrow. Put it on repeat. Buy an anorak– a hooded home. Hear the songs of a homeless man. Hug his wiry dog. Walk in the park. Stoop. Pick it up. A proud silky feather.

Feel the wing it came from.

Take the feather home and Place it like a crown on your unmade bed. Open the windows and let the soupy air out. Drop into the sofa. Let the new day you glimpse fill up your boots.


This a very culled version of a flash first published on The Australian Writers website in February 2018.   

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