Sunday, 16 June 2019

Write-In 2019: 'Together alone' by Joyce Bingham

Together alone.

In the beginning it all seemed so clear. Meeting together, unexpected and instant. Your thoughts and my thoughts seamlessly intertwined. Our loving and life merging as one. Shared pleasures unbounded. Our holidays were a joy, we were a unit, a team. Children arrived then so soon the fledglings took flight, we were together alone. Wandering aimlessly through our lives, what was our reason to be. Different experiences and feelings, our thoughts grew apart. Our love, our life, no longer seemed joined. We meet as individuals to eat at the table. Our own separate ways of loving and living. An unravelling to divide us up to single minds. Ours became yours or mine. Betrayal and lies, accusations and guilt. My despair, your anger split us apart. Understanding each other has become too much for us to bear. In the beginning it all seemed so clear.