Sunday, 16 June 2019

Write-in 2019: 'Incy Wincy Spider' by Sue Massey

Incy Wincy was famished.  She had woven a most intriciate, delicate gossamer web.  It hung between two spikey cacti in a corner of the ramshackle lean-to.  Incy Wincy waited patiently for any unsuspecting insect to become entrapped on the sticky strands of her fly catcher.  Lucy noticed Incy Wincy dangling and darting about.  The way she weaved her web was captivating. Lucy didn’t care about the thick cobwebs full of the skeletons of dead flies draped in every corner of the lean-to.

 Lucy pottered in the lean-to, tending her plants.  When she misted her magnificent cacti, water droplets landed on Incy Wincy’s web.  Incy Wincy was out in a flash, thinking a winged creature had landed for lunch.  This amused Lucy.  She teased the spider.  It was a friendly game.

A bumble bee, wearing a yellow and black striped woolly jumper coated in yellow powder, buzzed into the lean-to.  Disorientated, it flew straight into Incy Wincy’s web.  Incy Wincy darted out for the kill.  The bumble bee struggled frantically.  It was too strong to stay captured and deftly extricated itself from the sticky web, and buzzed out back into the garden.

Incy Wincy was famished.

Lucy pricked out seedlings.  She stood back to admire her military rows of wallflowers.  She would plant them out in the garden in autumn. Hard to believe they would become glorious perfumed beauties next spring.

Lucy left the lean-to and went to make a cup of tea.

Incy Wincy hung around, watching and waiting.

A house fly zoomed into the lean-to, landed smack bang in the middle of the web.  Incy Wincy was having this one for supper.  She attacked the fly, rolled into a parcel of fine web and retreated, leaving it to die.

Incy Wincy’s hunger would soon be sated. 

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