Monday, 17 June 2019

Write-In 2019: 'Admiralty' by Annie Bien

The photographer: Today one after another they bring baby’s breath, chrysanthemums, carnations, and daisies. Stacks of bouquets pile one on top of the other for the one who fell from the scaffolding. Yeah, I watched him waving the banner against extradition, I watched him fall but I turned away for the landing. I’m not a sensationalist photographer. It looked like he lost his balance, that he couldn’t stop falling. He looked totally unprepared, taken by surprise.

The policeman: I was doing my job. The guy jumped from the scaffolding. No personal comment. The official statement is suicide. You could lose your balance and not mean to die. I don’t speculate.

The woman: It looks far. You’re asking me if I saw it happen? Did I have to see someone fall from a building to gasp? Was it worse to just hear them land? Is it worse to know it’s your friend? He had soft hands.

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