Sunday, 16 June 2019

Write-In 2019: 'The Girl on the Train' by Jennifer Cousins

Oh hi! – yes it’s been ages! Sorry – what did you say? – ah – sorry - I’m on the train...Manchester – just a meeting. Sorry I missed you last night...went to the cinema with Ellie.... “The Girl on the Train” – yes – quite good…a bit spooky – about a woman looking out of the train window and she sees a crime being committed in one of the houses – but she may have imagined it. So how is everything? You OK? …OK – that’s good….oh, that’s a pity…oh I’m really sorry – he was quite nice from what you told me. But never mind, it often doesn’t work out the first few times….No you shouldn’t be embarrassed – lots of people do it. Even my Mum had a go after my dad died – well, a few years after - once she’d decided how to describe herself – god that was a nightmare! She wanted to put GSOH – can you believe it! How naff is that! She did meet some weirdos – but Gerry’s nice, steady type, so that’s OK. It’ll be the same for you – honestly – don’t worry…oh…hang on we’re going into a ………ah, are you there? – sorry about that…now we’re slowing down for some reason – oh bugger now we’ve stopped - no, nowhere near Manchester – just the backs of some houses…glad I don’t live here, with everyone looking in…So what’ve you been doing lately? - ah that’s nice…what kind? Oh my God – a Rottweiler – you must be mad!... It’ll cost you a fortune to feed – and all that walking every day in all weathers! - ….yes, I suppose so…yea, it is a big house and yea I can see what you mean - the garden’s huge – anyone could be lurking – No no no I didn’t mean to alarm you! …..hey – hang on a sec – what on earth…? … there’s a bloke on this terrace thing waving his arms really aggressive like – and he’s Oh My God! – you’ll never believe this - he’s hitting a woman! Really hitting her and she’s ducking and trying to punch him – and – just a sec…(Someone should do something – stop the train or something !!!) – can you believe it – no-one’s taking any notice! – looking at me as if I’m mad – as if I’m making the whole thing up…Sarah – are you there?....Sarah?

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