Sunday, 16 June 2019

Write-In 2019: 'A paper clip walks into a bar' by Julia Calventus Coveney

He says Here’s a thought, there are more paper clips than people.

She says That is breathtaking. After all, there are more unclipped papers than there are divorced couples.

He says And even so, a single paper clip can be more malleable than any one group of people, don’t you agree?

She says Indeed, for there is no such thing as color for paper clips. He says Of course not, we are blind, remember.

She says Yes, physically we cannot see, or feel, or think. But we do exist, and so do the values we permeate.

He says Absolutely. And we are as important as the white paper we clip, or the black ink printed on that white paper.

She says Still, white paper gets stacked upon white paper and makes our job that much harder.

He says That is undeniable. And what’s more, it forces the black ink to stay under cover.

She says Although, that first page, that first paper clipped by a paper clip, speaks louder than any of the others.

He says Still, we are the ones who hold them all together.

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