Sunday, 16 June 2019

Write-In 2019: 'The Show Home' by Sue James

We've saved every last penny for the last five years. We haven't been out socially. We've not bought anything new. Our shoes are embarrassing. We've had no holidays, scrimped on Christmas, birthdays … When they started building there we knew that was exactly where we wanted to live but they were too expensive and our dream was shattered, right up until they reduced the cost of the very last house - the Show Home. We drew out every last penny from the bank and it's ours. We move in tomorrow. We're so excited.

I sold the Show Home today and got my final commission. I should be buzzing, I go to Ibiza in the morning and start a new site when we get back, but I feel so guilty. A lovely sweet young couple bought the house, and that Show Home never felt right. I hated that place at night. It had a sickly smell, and the noises were … well it was as if there was a family already living there but I just couldn't see them, aside from the occasional fleeting shadow out of the corner of my eye. If it hadn't been that they were so keen …

I saw a Sold sign on the Show Home today. I wouldn't live there. Me and Matty wired that place, Matty's been off sick since. He still swears he saw people walking in and out of those walls. He says he heard a baby crying. I didn't tell him I saw shadows, but the smell? And then that day we got there and all the lights were on throughout the place? Thing was there wasn't a single fuse had been put in yet. Matty refused to go in. I hope whoever's bought it are strong people.

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