Monday 26 June 2023

'Bless You' by Donna M Day

I don’t remember the first time I sneezed, but my last sneezing fit was very memorable.

I was about to kiss Callum, the most beautiful boy in high school, for the very first time when I felt the telltale tickle and ducked away.


I screamed. The baby was crowning, and Callum was holding my hand telling me I was doing so well, and I just needed to breathe but I needed to…


Sat in the mud tears were streaming down my face as my mother wiped my grazed knee. God, I miss her.


My daughter is beautiful walking down the aisle on Callum’s arm. I notice my own ring finger is naked. Damn.


Being old makes me want to sneeze. Oh, the aching.


Callum is smiling, bemused, as I peer at him over a heap of tissues.

I’ll never forget our first kiss. I’ve done it 5,236 times.

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