Sunday, 7 June 2020

'Solitaire' by R.J. Kinnarney

1. Spend at least 3 evenings a week with your friends.

2. Fill your days off with individual chores.

3. Go out to dinner with your partner.

4. Argue over your partner’s choice of restaurant.

5. Return home in silence.

6. Sleep in spare bedroom.

7. Continue silence for days/weeks.

8. Move into spare bedroom.

9. Search internet for studio flats.

10. Book short break for yourself and your partner.

11. Argue over your choice of destination.

12. Return early from short break.

13. View studio flats.

14. Sign contract.

15. Hire storage facility.

16. Pack belongings.

17. Ignore any/all attempts to change your mind.

18. Leave house.

19. Post key through letterbox.

20. Leave your baggage behind.

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