Monday, 28 June 2021

'A decade of growing and learning together' by Kristina Thornton

 Nose to nipple, you focus on not falling asleep.


Covering hard edges and locking cupboards from wobbly legs.


You cut toast into QUARTERS and give him milk in the RED cup.


‘Share! There’s plenty of toys.’


Welling up at the little white shirt and emblem jumper.


‘What did you have for lunch?’

‘Don’t know,’ he shrugs.


You listen to his football, cycling and gaming monologues.


He tells you disgusting facts, ‘when mummifying, Ancient Egyptians pulled brains out through noses!’


At the gates, you reach out.

‘Bye, Mum.’


‘Is Santa real?’

You explain.

He cries, then asks about the tooth fairy

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