Monday 28 June 2021

'Beginnings of End' by Rachel Canwell

From dark to light to dark again. The last fall of Earth. A shuffle of leaves.

His footsteps moving away. 

My limbs are frozen, stiff. Angular, at odds with the place in which I lie. A sheltered glade of singular breezes. 

At my head, something stirs the leaves. A animal roaming, rooting, now calling. Too close.

The third sunrise. Imperceptibly the earth around me is shifting, making way for my expanding and newly marbled skin. 

My flesh settles, my scent rises. Mingles with the song of a solitary bird. 

Life has returned to me now. 

Reanimated inside out, with things that twist and writhe. 

When they find me.

If they find me. I wonder what they’ll find.

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