Monday, 28 June 2021

'Golden Threads' by Amy Wilson

This is why I love coming to restaurants by myself; nothing else gives me such a great opportunity for people watching. Take the couple at the table next to me, now. They’ve clearly been together for a while, and they’re past that ‘gazing lovingly into one another’s eyes’ stage of the relationship, but I can see that the first blooms of their infatuation have deepened into something stronger. The strong, golden thread stretching between them tells me everything I need to know. 

They have other threads of course, everybody does, and if I wanted to I could pick anybody in here, take any thread and follow it back to someone in their lives; a mother, a brother, even someone less significant like an old schoolfriend. 

The stronger and brighter the thread, the more significant the relationship. And the couple in front of me shine so brightly that it comes as no surprise to me when he draws the small, velvet box from inside his jacket pocket.

I turn away, smiling, and find someone else to watch.

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