Monday, 28 June 2021

'To John, Wherever He May Rest' by Federica Silvi

The Keats Hill Community Library 

Senior Citizens' Creative Memoir Worksho

Week 3 assignment: Pick a place you go to reflect. Where is it? What memories come back to you? 


Name: Anita McRae 

Title: “On the bench at the North-East corner of my neighbourhood park” 


To John, who once a week looked over this park through the windows at the Viscount and Carriage, nursing a pint while his family believed him to be at Sunday mass. 

To John, who swore to Anita that there was no one else he'd rather walk through the green with, but always, to the day of his death, continued to wear the cologne Dora Laforge used to love. 

To John, who enjoyed his strolls more than anything, aside perhaps from watching football. Lifelong Reds supporter, and sole responsible for his daughters learning curse words before the age of six. 

To John, who some days would spend more time on this bench than his own sofa because, as he used to say, at least the rubbish pickers didn’t nag him for smoking his cigarettes. 

To John, who sat here every morning, because he had long lost the energy to run, but his dog still had plenty. Imperfect husband, loving father. No matter what, very much loved.

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