Monday, 28 June 2021

'Lather, Rinse, Repeat' by Debbie Daniel


Gloria sees Dustin playing guitar in the elegant dark hotel bar. She watches his fingers forming those sexy chords. She hears him singing, sees his lips kissing the microphone. Gloria decides he’s the one. 

She buys him a drink.

Now she can’t get enough of Dustin. The melt of his voice. The pad of his finger sliding down the side of her neck. HIs lips finding the tender inside of her elbows. When he touches her, she can’t catch her breath. 

She fears that Dustin will cause her heart to stop beating. She fears that he won’t.


Dustin moves in. He helps with the laundry, the dishes. He mows the grass. He always brings home his tip jar. Folded fives. Wadded up ones. Sometimes a ten or a twenty. Along with his regular gig, he books extra nights. He pays half of everything. Dustin laughs with Gloria’s mother on the phone. He says maybe they should adopt a dog.

Gloria buys skinny jeans for Dustin. She likes the way his bum looks in them, she says. She likes to blindfold him. She likes to role play that she’s a stripper or a pizza delivery girl or, her favorite, a sultry chanteuse. Gloria likes to sing into Dustin’s microphone. 

She loves following him into the shower, lathering him, rubbing her hands over his body. Especially, his fingers.

Dustin constantly reminds her to be careful. Reminds her that his fingers are his career.


Gloria turns down Dustin’s proposal, He moves out. Her mother tells her she’s made another big mistake. Her mother says that she needs to settle down with a nice man and learn to be happy. 

Gloria needs a weekend getaway. She splurges. Expensive resort. Swanky bars. Spa. Infinity pool. That’s where she spots Domino.

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