Sunday 19 June 2022

'An Apulian Fairtyale' by Julia Ruth Smith

There was once a young woman who got into such trouble that all she could do was sleep. She slept for eleven years. When she woke up, the only answer was to sell her town house and move to the country, taking her dog with her.

The dog was a good cook and moreover was adept at reading fairytales out loud, possessing a soothing lyrical voice. The living was easy. They ate excellent turnip top pasta with spicy green capers, washed down with good local wine.

One day, a handsome count saw them dining in the shade of an almond tree. He fell in love with the woman’s beauty and their simple life; vowed to give up his riches to lie in her homely bed listening to the dog read “Rapunzel”, their teeth black with olives, their hearts full of joy.

They ate through the day and romped through the night until the comely woman’s woes had vanished into the clean Mediterranean air.

They’re living there still as far as we know, which just goes to show that happily ever after is a four-legged friend, some noble nooky and a plate of delicious homemade pasta.

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