Sunday, 19 June 2022

'Secrets and lies in a holiday destination supposedly perfect for two' by Cath Barton

They should have been suspicious when they looked at the photographs. But they did not know the deceptions of the fish-eye lens. And they were both desperate for a break, not thinking straight. ‘Never mind,’ said Hord, ‘it’s just a step to the coast.’ The ‘step’ took them two hours and the pub was closed. The beach was covered in jellyfish so they couldn’t swim either. They walked along a dirt path and found a fish shack. But on this day luck was not with the two travellers. Gulls dive-bombed them, took their chips and shat on their heads. Brag said that the delights of Earth had definitely been over-stated. ‘Next time let’s try the further planets and hang the expense.’

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