Monday, 20 June 2022

'Waiting: Leaping' by Laura Cooney


We waited for a long time, barely touching, by the side of the river and the boats kept passing the pontoon. I sometimes wonder if it was a timing issue with us, and if it was, why didn’t one of us, just stop? We were passing, passing and always missing the boat. We had a chance to get on, that once. We visited the top deck and for whatever reason, I can’t understand, we disembarked after a while aboard. And went back to the riverbank to wait again.


One day we’ll meet on the banks of the Styx and you’ll take my hand and you’ll say you’re sorry and our regret will finally be consolidated. Neither of us will have a piece of jade so, this time, we won’t wait for the boatman. And not blinking; we’ll finally leap, with abandon, to the other side.

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