Monday, 20 June 2022

'The Phoenix always tries to rise' by Saddie Hopes


Hey, this is a pretty striking image,’ he said, admiring the photograph showing a waif-like-girl, holding a rose, standing in rubble. ‘Looks like a destroyed building or something?’

‘Oh yeah. That’s one of Rania Matar’s. I discovered her on Instagram. After the Beirut explosion, in 2020, I believe,’ she says.

‘Yeah, I remember. A massive explosion in the port area. I heard it was improperly stored and forgotten explosive chemicals, Ammonium Nitrate maybe, that blew up.’

‘Stinks of incompetency, neglect and, maybe corruption,’ she sighs.

‘Probably all the above. Sadly common. Caused a huge amount of damage. Still being supposedly investigated and protested,’ he says, shaking his head.

‘I think I saw something about some rebuilding too,’ she adds. ‘Actually, that is what the photograph is about. It’s called ‘Hope and Destruction.’ Phoenix rising from the ashes and all that.’

‘Or trying to rise, when they let her,’ he scoffs.  

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