Monday 20 June 2022

'Destiny' by Katie Willow

Dear Sir,

I read on the eleventh page of a book on the eleventh shelf of the eleventh row of the library on eleventh Thomas Street, Coombes, a message of mystery meant for me. I embarked on a mission to the eleventh house along the river and knocked eleven times on the door while turning eleven times on the spot. When the door opened, I entered and curtseyed eleven times and held my eleven fingers aloft and shed my shoes to show my eleven toes.

I shall not tell you how many years I spent searching for the house, the book, the library, the village. Only that it seemed this year would be the one I fulfilled my destiny. And yet nothing. I will return in November. Please be ready next time as this whole affair has been disappointing in the extreme,

Yours Faithfully,

Thomasina Coombes XI

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