Sunday, 19 June 2022

'Beans for the Giant from the Boy who Missed his Dad' by David X. Lewis

Dad came home drunk again. Mum kicked him out. The cupboard was bare, except for a bag of dry beans well past their use-by date. Mum told me to go foraging.

I swept the beans into my hoody and wandered into the lane, hoping to sell them for some cows — the opposite of what Beanstalk Jack did in a story Dad told me when I was young. 

Nobody was interested in giving me anything for them, let alone a cow or two. Until a giant strode into the lane from the forest. "I’m hungry," he roared.

"Would you like some beans?" I asked.

The Giant said yes, he would plant them and grow a beanstalk to climb back to his mother. He gave me a fat white goose in return.

I took the bird back to my Mum, who strangled, plucked and cooked it.

I was sad, because the way it nuzzled me with its orange beak reminded me of how Dad tickled my chin with his yellow fingers whenever he returned from the pub.

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