Sunday 19 June 2022

'When the School Bell Rings Giving Reprieve From the Playground Gossip' by Emily Macdonald

Mondays are eagerly anticipated, the start of the weeks’ righteous battles. Brenda believes in rusticating rumours and testing all the tittle tattle. She gushes, speaking in rapid fabulation, ignoring interruption or questioning consideration. She conspires in breathy whispers, shielding her mouth behind closed fingers. Sideways insinuations are offered with elbow nudges and pursed lip punctuations. She shares secrets and hearsay speculation, or shrieks with wild gesticulations. She eyerolls at dramatic revelations, expresses deep felt, hand squeezing consternation. Supposition is sold along with ‘Oh, I told you so’ affirmations.

Sympathy is offered so very insincerely; empathy expressed but lacks conviction. She only stops when defeated by the school bell shrill ringing.

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